Global Testimonials

It was such a pleasure to unwrap these lovely packaged pieces. I chose the Transformation and Abundance Mandalas as I'm facing one of the most important decisions I'll ever have career wise. I'm sure whatever happens will be a positive change and the mandalas and affirmations remind me of this; making me feel calm. It's a damn great feeling to know that despite the madness in this world, there are people out there spreading positivity + words from the heart. It affects others to do the same! A million thanks again!

Stephen, GERMANY

Just WOW. The moment I saw your art at the exhibition I had to stop and come over... It drew me in! Mandalas are sacred and I've never seen them done like this before. What a wonderful idea to use the element of fire and natural materials. I couldn't believe these were created by hand and not a laser, they are so precise! Meeting the artist makes it even more special, you're very talented and I LOVE my new piece x


The logo... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! *happy dance* Seriously...this is everything I wanted and more than I didn't know I wanted. It's perfect! 


I received the pieces within 2 working days, they were extremely well packaged and all arrived in immaculate condition. The attention to detail is amazing and you can tell the effort that has gone into producing each design. Each person who received one was really impressed with the quality and craftmanship. I would highly recommend this item or any other in Rebecca's store! They're absolutely incredible creations and it was a very professional experience from start to finish.


I love my new tattoo design!!! Rebecca is amazing and has a real good energy. I knew after our skype consultation that she was definitely the right person to create this for me. So grateful to have connected with her and really happy with the result ❤️🙏🏾


I ordered three fine-art mandalas from Rebecca for my office. They are AMAZING! You can see the pen lines and how she coloured each one in perfectly. I'm pretty sure these took hours for her to complete..... I've never had an original mandala drawing before so I'm in LOOOOOOVE! Shipping was really fast and Rebecca was super sweet and responsive to all of my questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! XOXO”

Sally, USA

I asked Rebecca to create a bespoke Yantra wood-burn. She listened really carefully to my wishes and the result was beyond my expectations. What is more important, I can feel the energy that was put into it and it's amazing! I had goosebumps when I looked at it - very happy ... in total awe of your talent!


Fantastic Pyrography, with attention to detail, unique and, most of all, such a great source of positive vibes! I recieved my Wishes Mandala during the new moon period, the perfect time for resolutions and wishes for the new cycle. It stays by my desk as a source of inspiration and reminder to be respectful and loving to mother nature. I recommend her wood-burns as an amazing gift to yourself and dear ones!