Bespoke Pyrography - London

Work that supports mothers to be.

A lovely lady I met at Om Yoga Show asked me to create a Childbirth Yantra reflecting her work as a doula. Doula's provide emotional & physical support to a mother during pregnancy and childbirth.

My client sent me an image of a Sri Yantra but wanted a creative twist. I incorporated a lotus flower into the traditional labryinth pattern with a stylised mother & baby in the centre.

As always, I sketched the design before burning for my clients' approval. Her words; "This is just amazing, I had goosebumps when I looked at it - very happy, can't wait for the final result, in total awe with your talent'.

Ahh I love the joy people feel when I bring their pieces to life!

I burnt the design lovingly by hand into solid sycamore. This light wood provided a great contrast against the dark burn. I then sanded the piece, coated with organic vegan varnish and secured a self-leveling hanger at the back.

Vera’s testimony:
"I asked Rebecca to create a bespoke Yantra design...She listened really carefully to my wishes and the result was beyond my expectations. What is more important, I can feel the energy that was put into it and it is amazing"

It was an awesome surprise when this same client came to see me six months later at the Mindful Living Show (in London’s Business Design Centre).
I was thrilled to receive a picture of it in her home (final photo).


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