Happy Place Live X Rebecca Leah Designs

Wall mural for Fearne Cotton, Vita Coco and Mind Charity.

Through being discovered on Instagram, I was commissioned to create a wall mural for Fearne Cotton and her first ever Happy Place Live event! Mental health awareness is something close to my heart. I'd been brainstorming more ways to help Mind charity through my work and the very next morning woke to a DM asking if I'd make this piece! The event was in aid of Mind, the mental health charity for which Fearne is an ambassador. And the sponsors were Vita Coco, the coconut water brand who are all about healthy living.

The brief; to create an interactive wall mural that guests can colour-in upon entrance to the event. I was told it’s an integral part of the day and needed to be a show stopper that represents what the day will be about. Originally the canvas was to be 10ftx10ft but I advised that this wouldn’t fit through their venue door. I suggested using a detachable triptych canvas (3 parts) with my drawing on the main (8ftx5ft) canvas in the centre - this also prevented people having to crouch down to the ground or top parts being out of reach.

I sketched 3 drafts (in scalable proportions) and emailed copies to the brand ambassadors to pick their favourite. I wanted the scene to literally be of a “happy place” surrounded by colourful flowers and animals. I went with a tropical theme as the sponsors were Vita Coco (notice the big coconut palms?). The main patterned areas framed the piece, inviting you into a hidden oasis where you can relax - a perfect welcome as the first thing guests see. Of course, the event logo also took centre stage.

Once the approved draft was chosen, I liaised with Sunbeam Studios and was sent the canvas to work on in my space. I triple primed the canvas, drew the design with black marker and partially filled it with watercolour (for both impact and to ensure there was the right amount left for the guests attending). The event organisers emphasised that the event logo needed to be spot on however it was too large to trace and too complex for a custom stencil. So, I replicated it by hand, sending them photos as I went - they were very pleased with the result! I completed the piece to a tight deadline and sourced all the materials (including cute paint palettes) for the guest activity that weekend.

It was my pleasure to also supervise this activity on the day. Guests loved joining together to mindfully create one masterpiece. Fearne’s parents, Healthy Chef Steph and Maeve Madden also left their mark. Chatting with Fearne at the event, she was very happy with the piece and it was an honour to be a part of it!

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