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"Acceptance" From The Values Collection

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Art is a form of meditation - it makes you PAUSE. Art can reflect and connect you to what's most important...your values.

Focus: This piece reflects that darkness and light are equal parts of our journey & connects you to the feeling of balance.

Artist musings: Yin means 'shady side' and Yang is 'sunny side' and they interact together creating complete wholeness. You can't have one without the other; whatever you’re experiencing is part of a bigger picture. "Positives" can be found in "negatives" and vice versa (see the two dots in the yin yang symbol), it's all a matter of perspective. Sycamore is perfect for this mandala, a very light wood giving a dramatic contrast against the burn.


Solid sycamore 9x9 inches. Drawn & burnt by hand! 🔥

Protected with organic vegan varnish & complete with wall hanger so you can effortlessly transform your space.

This is a purchase to be proud of. My wood is FSC certified and supports small ethical businesses in the UK. Rebecca Leah Designs is also a reforestation partner of One Tree Planted (the non-profit organisation). This means that one tree’s planted globally in an area of deforestation thanks to you!

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