WARMTH MANDALA - Rebecca Leah Designs
WARMTH MANDALA - Rebecca Leah Designs

"Warmth" From The Values Collection

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Art is a form of meditation - it makes you PAUSE. Art can reflect and connect you to what's most important...your values.

Focus: This piece reflects that love is your natural state & connects you to the feeling of warmth inside.

Artist musings: This warmth mandala is hand burnt on to rosy beech wood, revealing a natural red hue. To feel love is to feel at home, it's inviting, embracing, no false pretense - just appreciation. Imagine how different your life would be if you tapped into that emotion regularly, giving it to yourself and sharing it with others. 


Thick solid beech 9x9 inches. Drawn & burnt by hand! 🔥

Protected with organic vegan varnish & complete with wall hanger so you can effortlessly transform your space.

This is a purchase to be proud of. My wood is FSC certified and supports small ethical businesses in the UK. Rebecca Leah Designs is also a reforestation partner of One Tree Planted (the non-profit organisation). This means that one tree’s planted globally in an area of deforestation thanks to you!

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